Office / Architect
Beton / Marta Rowinska, Lech Rowinski

Tarnów / Poland
Built on a high bank of the Vistula River in the village of Tarnów, this small church was commissioned by a private investor, which is quite uncommon in Poland. Since the whole covering is made of the same material – small aspen chops laid in a pattern – the steep wooden roof transforms unnoticeably into the side walls. The structure of the church is made of pine beams that support the wooden panels, transforming the interior into a wooden ‘box’. The front wall is also covered with full-height wooden panels. While black horizontal bars mark the entrance and serve as hinges for the wooden door, the wall opposite the entry is entirely glazed, offering views of the distant horizon and river. The construction of the church had an additional objective: to bring the local community together. Therefore, it is also a kind of experiment in how to create a high-quality space with simple technical means.
entrance wall - view from the distance ©Lech Rowinski
side wall - view from the west ©Lech Rowinski
interior - view towards the altar ©Lech Rowinski
front wall - entrance ©Jakub Certowicz
side wall - view towards the front wall ©Jakub Certowicz
the corner of the building - side wall and glazing ©Lech Rowinski
plan, sections ©Lech Rowinski
elevations ©Lech Rowinski