Office / Architect
BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group / Nanna Gyldholm Møller, Mikkel Marcker Stubgaard, Bjarke Ingels
SUPERFLEX / Jakob Fenger, Bjørnstjerne Christiansen, Rasmus Nielsen
TOPOTEK 1 / Lorenz Dexler, Martin Rein-Cano

Copenhagen / Denmark
Urban/Territorial planning
Like any large city, Copenhagen has its share of difficult neighbourhoods where social and economic mobility are limited. Superkilen is located in Nørrebro, just north of the city centre and home to many inhabitants who are first and second generation immigrants from a wide range of countries. The Superkilen project is an important part of a larger urban design strategy to address difficulties in Nørrebro through spatial means.
For many years the site of Superkilen was overgrown and vacant, partially adjacent to a disused rail terminus. The area had problems with street crime and organised gang activity. It was clear that the space needed to be redefined and integrated into the surroundings. Through public meetings, the internet, local newspapers and an ideas mailbox mounted in the neighbourhood, the design team – composed of architects, landscape architects and artists – reached out to the local population, inviting them to propose elements from their home countries. The idea was to transform public procedure into proactive proposition: to create a park for the people by the people.
The conceptual point of departure is the division of Superkilen into three main zones: the red square, the green park and the black market. The red square is an area for sports activities, the green park is a grassy children’s playground and the black market is a food market and picnic area. To create better and more transparent infrastructure, the bike paths were reorganised and new connections were made to link Superkilen with surrounding neighbourhoods. The desire from the residents for more nature and green space is met through a significant increase in vegetation and planting throughout the whole area.
Aerial view of the Red Square ©Iwan Baan
Aerial view of the Red Square ©SUPERFLEX
Aerial view of the Black Market ©Iwan Baan
Aerial view of the Green Park ©Iwan Baan
Public Process ©Maria da Schio
Collage of Superkilen objects ©BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group
Site Plan ©BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group
Plan of objects in Superkilen ©BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group