Office / Architect
I / O a r c h i t e c t s / Georgi Katov, Viara Jeliazkova
Petar Chernev, Antonina Ilieva
Sofia / Bulgaria
The new structure is a swimming pool/terrace addition to a historic building located in its hidden back courtyard. The swimming pool is underground on the basement level yet completely open to the narrow garden beside it. The metal frames are fully glazed with several different in terms of opacity, colour and reflection glass panels. The rhythm of the frames and the transparency/reflection of the glass dissolve the new structure in the garden rather than making a formal composition with the existing building. The roof terrace is at the level of the main story and is accessible from both the garden and the house. Its translucent surface glows with water reflections at dark. The linear internal space is confined by the stone masonry of the classic base and the light and silhouettes between the metal structures. The black stone cladding marks the excavation and integrates the heating system.

Site area: 2335 sq. m. , Building area: 110 sq. m.

I/O architects 2012
interior at dusk ©Missirkov & Bogdanov
preserved authentic stone masonry ©Missirkov & Bogdanov
interior at dusk ©Missirkov & Bogdanov
exterior view from the yard ©Missirkov & Bogdanov
exterior view at night ©Missirkov & Bogdanov
view of the terrace at night ©Missirkov & Bogdanov
floor plan ©I/O architects
elevation ©I/O architects