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Boran Ekinci Architecture Company, Ltd. / Mustafa Boran Ekinci
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Mugla / Turkey
Marina is located in Fethiye, at the end of the coast pedestrian way. Marina cause an important relationship between the sea and land. Important criteria of the project is: redraw the coast band and create a public space. Structure has not against the local in addition to this structure does not try to dominant on the land. Container arrange successively with a harmonious scale. Putting the container in a spread order accelerate the unity with the wooden area. Building has a harmonious relationship between the topography and existing nature cover. In fact, building form get shaped according to the existing trees. The marina complex consist of different functions, and building types. Such as tower (27m²), offices (164m²), bar, restaurant (153m²), supermarket (165m²), shops (429m²), playing area for children, sheds for security guard(33m²), sanitary part with toilets, shower, dressing room and service building (444m²). The tower is a symbol of carrying the horizontal movement to the vertical zone. Although the tower’s height, it has lightweight structure as a catwalk. The basic design criteria of this project is to organize the relationship between inner space and outer space, which is a wooded area. Another important design factor is related with construction technique. The great interest about the local details and the passion to surpass the conventional building systems formed an original hybrid building. The building system is formed of steel framework, timber facade cover at outside and gypsumboard inside. Details, studied for joining of the windows, sills, roofs and the floor, have originality. The habit of establishing a building to its upmost detail has protruded to the fragile approach of its details. The project has been prepared detailly and built quickly like an assembling technique. Environment design has not been completed yet. Some structure had a functional change after the project term. At the end of a well-coordinated project and construction period, Marina buildings have been completed in 6 months.
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