The 40 shortlisted works are organised according to the urban fabric where they are found: Exo-urban, Periphery, Consolidated and Historic Centre. Together they construct an imaginary city, the City of 40.
The different projects of the 2017 winners and finalists, and how these are experienced, illustrate the nature of Contemporary European Architecture. The issues that emerge from them will continue to be discussed on social media and at different events connected to the 2017 prize over the next two years. This exhibition, together with the EU Mies Award Catalogue 2017, will kick off this fascinating discussion.

Videos, images and models of the Winning project, DeFlat Kleiburg in Amsterdam, by NL architects and XVW Architectuur and the Emerging Architect Winner, Navez social housing in Brussels by MSA/V+ as well as the finalists, shortlisted and nominees are displayed. The Winner is an innovative renovation of one of the largest apartment buildings in the Netherlands, a 500 apartment-block in the neighborhood of Bijlmermeer of Amsterdam. The Emerging Architect Winner, comprises 5 social housing units at the northern entrance of Brussels, a housing project that fulfills the double ambition of local authorities: it represents the validation of urban design with a reference to the entrance of the city and provides exemplary social flats.

The EUmiesaward App helps you find and get the directions to go and visit all the 2017 nominees and the newly included Belgium nominated buildings since 1988. Available on Android and iOS.

BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts
Rue Ravensteinstraat 23, Brussels

8 September -22 October