Bell-lloc Winery

This private winery is located on the edge of a valley on the Costa Brava. Several buildings were existing on the premises, including the historic Santa Maria de Bell-Lloc Chapel, and the project, which is partially buried under the vineyard, is located along the road linking these constructions together. The main element is a ramp along which the different spaces are organised in a comb-like configuration. Conceived of as an ecological cellar, the design was based on bioclimatic principles and natural ventilation. By excavating more than a metre underground, the required temperature and humidity for wine production has been obtained without resorting to mechanical devices. Corten steel sheets are the primary material used throughout: placed at intervals with a small space between, they reveal the natural rock bearing walls behind and permit the entry of light and air. The folded corten roof and sectional variation create a spatial sequence that envelopes the visitor in the refreshing subterranean world of the winery.