Residential House XY Na Hrebenkach

Residential building XY is located on the south slopes of the Prague district Smíchov. At the bottom there is an old villa neighbourhood with large gardens and at the top there are several blocks of flats from the late 20th century. The layout of the building responds to the curved shape of the adjacent street and to the slope of the existing terrain.
The vertically castellated facade is designed in a moderate curve and is fully open to the south providing views of the forest parks on the opposite slopes of Smíchov. The west facade, which is relatively close to neighbours, is made of sanded glass. It offers perfect lighting of the interiors with diffused light while at the same time maintaining absolute intimacy.
The reinforced concrete cross-wall structure of the building best fits to the transverse organisation of the living units. There are 53 flats of various sizes and types – small studios, middle-sized apartments, large duplex apartments, penthouses. Garden duplexes have been designed as single-family houses with their own garage in the basement parking area. On the ground floor they are open to the south garden whereas in the upper level they are connected to the enclosed private atriums. All duplex apartments have two-storey-high main living spaces with south orientation and several bedrooms placed along the north facade. The penthouses have the same spatial configuration but they are enriched by terraces and atriums at two levels. On the top terrace of each penthouse there is an private outdoor swimming pool. Exclusive interior materials – exotic wooden veneers, massive-wood floorings, bathroom sliding made of stone and painted glass – indicate the high standard of the flats. The apartments are designed in the spirit of intelligent housing – the so-called smart home .
The building is also equipped with a leisure zone - areas for fitness, squash, sauna and swimming pool. In the basement there is parking and a storage area allocated in two levels. Part of the garden is designed as a childrens playground.