Rue de Meaux Housing Complex

The building is located in a densely populated area of the 19th arrondisement in Paris. The building, with a rectangle general shape, can be thought of as a mass built to fit into the existing urban fabric on its outside perimeter while its center has been “carved out” to accommodate an interior green space.

Two narrow “slots” divide the constructions in there sections on the garden. The contrast between the bustle of the street and the calm of the garden creates hence, an effect of surprise for the residents who must walk through the garden to reach their building entrance.
The volumetric diversity of the building results in a wide variety of apartments. However, for the buildings bordering the garden and for the blocks on the east and west separated by the slots, model apartments with fairly neutral and flexible layouts were created.

Essentially they comprise a large crosswise room facing north-south with a balcony or winter garden at either end; a conventional “night” area is adjacent. Therefore each apartment of the 220 created, has two exposures: the garden and the urban neighbourhood.