Verdana Blok K

Blok K or Verdana, is part of a master plan by the Architecten Cie, called Het Funen, Hidden Delights , which calls for a total of 500 dwellings and a park. The block contains ten houses and the point of departure for the project was that the urban envelop should be distributed evenly over all of them. Having been organised according to the ‘back-to-back’ typology, the entries to the apartments are via an aisle in the middle of the block, which rids the facades of the obligatory storage spaces and technical installations that must be publically accessible. By slightly rotating the aisle and orienting it onto two open spaces between the blocks instead of onto two ‘blind’ walls, a public shortcut has been provided and within the orthogonal grid a diagonal vista opens up. Although each of the houses are unique – with apartments ranging from two to four stories, and from 140 to 180 m² – together they are one.