Santa Marta Lighthouse Museum

The Museum is located inside the remains of a 17th-century fortress to which a lighthouse was added in 1868.
Subsequently, numerous operations to update the technology of the lighthouse were carried out and in response to these complex historical layers the project introduced as few alterations as possible. Rather, the intervention focused on the rehabilitation of the original wall from where the five original volumes that compose the project emerge. While the lighthouse building maintains its function, the other four volumes are used as galleries.

A new “inhabited wall”, developed along the existing one, anchor all the existing volumes and contains the service areas. Existing elements were restored throughout and in the four galleries, a tile-cladding system was used to wrap the roof and walls. The outdoor space is divided into two main areas connected by a narrow path at different levels: an upper platform offers a wide view of the ocean and the lower one is surrounded by a landscape of rock formations.