2226 – Atmosphere without machines

Buildings need less and less energy, the cost of this reduction is always increasing. Less energy with less technology and lower construction costs, however, was the planning intention of be baumschlager eberle. The practize is working nearly every day in 2226 since July 2013. The building does not require mechanical heating, ventilation and cooling. The required device hardware is replaced by software control of the energy flows. Very important: The house offers ideal conditions for this flow of energy. It is a house of stone, with walls, doors and high ceilings. It requires little embodied energy and ensures due to the elementary means of architecture for well-
being thanks to good proportions and the self-explanatory use. In addition, the construction costs were significantly less than the sum for a conventional office building.

The control of energy flows in the house replaced the short-lived device hardware. Massive walls and ceilings serve as a mass storage. Durable facades of lime plaster ensure the diffusion outwards. This shows that the waste heat from people and machines inside is sufficient to compensate for the transmission losses of the external components. The strength of the shell (76 cm brick) determines the depth of the window embrasures. Together with the rotation of the structure, they help to control the depth of penetration of sunlight depending on the seasons. On the windows inside hinged ventilation blades are controlled by sensors to make the indoor environment comfortable. An example how this works: In the heat of summer, the blades open at night to cool with outdoor air naturally.

Sensors do something that belongs to everyday activities of human-beings in a conventional house. The house in 2226 in Lustenau therefore emanates from the traditional use as a benchmark. But due to its holistic approach, the sculptural form and optimized use 2226 will be substantially longer valid because it combines sustainability with cultural value. The name refers to the worldwide accepted comfort temperatures of 22 to 26 degrees Celsius. The well-being is implemented entirely consistently in 2226: In addition to the offices of be baumschlager eberle and foreign tenants here are a recognized gallery and an attractive cafeteria that enhance the site as a whole.