Single-Family House in Cernošice

The house is situated on a small steep site overlooking Prague and the Berounka River valley. The programme called for standard living requirements of a four-person household. Rising up from the cube of the technical foundations, which are situated underground, the volume widens conically to the second floor level. The central part – a vertical hall and an audio room – is located between the cellar and the living area on the first floor which, with the exception of closed spaces for the bedrooms and baths, has an open composition. On the roof there is a terrace with a swimming pool.

The construction consists of an iron-concrete shell together with a thermo-isolation system and a white surface coating. In addition to reducing the costs for constructing the foundations into the hillside, the crystal-like shape inserted into the slope optimally exploits the potential of the difficult site by freeing up the surface area.