House in Palaio Psychico

Located in a transitional zone, between the city centre and the suburbs, this house is situated on a small site facing a park. Structured on three levels - entrance, garage and service areas on the ground floor; living and dining spaces on the first; and bedrooms on the second - the building evolves the plans, sections and elevations through a single idea of intersections.
All levels are separated from each other creating horizontal voids between them. This gives a sense of lightness from the exterior of the building and beautiful views to the park from the interior. It also emphasises the asymmetrical arrangement of the open air rooms and allows for ventilation throughout the building.

The circulation is linear and parallel to the central concrete wall and a long and narrow skylight on the roof of the second floor diffuses natural light along it. Furthermore, all vertical circulation and services hinge on the central structural spine.
With the exception of the openings leading to the four open-air rooms , the long elevations of the building are protected from the sun and are given privacy by a zone of horizontal wooden blinds which at the same time defines the scale of these elevations. Exposed concrete is used throughout the building. All the materials are used in their natural condition and every constructional detail follows the general principles of the simplicity of the design, since all elements are integral parts of its entity.