Private house in Priboi

Designed for an eye-doctor, at the zenith of his career, a time in his life when finally ready to enjoy the freedom of privacy together with his wife, after a whole life dedicated to cure people.
The unique characteristic of this site is its southern slope and the spectacular view toward the sea. From the street level, an ele¬vation change of one high (4,5 m height) storey needs to be bridged in order to reach the garden level. The building with its simple volumes, comes out naturally from the hill with its sharp edges, follows the slope and yet still permits harmonious integration. The impression of its big cubic volume with square window reminds of an enormous opened eye. The exterior visual appearance of the building is characterized by the feeling of natural materials – stone (grey gneiss) covered the whole ground floor, the volume that crosses perpendicularly the cubic form and all the walls in the terrace garden, ceramic tiles with its natural colour over the big cubic volume. The house finds its response and communicates with the plastic art sculpture against the big window, in the edge of the garden.
The interior concept is one floor living, everyday utilities are only on the main floor. There are connections with all part of the house – void for feeling the open space, glass floor for visual connection with the winter garden and big square window (5,5m x 5,5m) for perceiving the outside world.
Three guest bedrooms are situated on the topmost level. Their roof terraces are oriented towards the garden and the sea. The space between the bedrooms makes you feel the void of the living room and enjoy the panoramic view.
The ground level is a place for relax with its swimming pool, spa zone and winter garden. It is almost entirely open towards the garden in the south. Indoors and outdoors, the house and the garden form a spatial continuum. The sliding system of doors allows the occupants to discover the outdoor world in ever new form.

The size of the plot is 1420 m2, including the whole garden and the house. The building step is 262 m2 and the entire living area is 825m2 (including main floor, ground level with veranda, second floor with roof terraces and the gardener house).
The house is built with especial attitude toward every detail. Approaches for attaining sustainable and ecological architecture are being used. Sun panels over the roof (10 numbers) ensure totally the heat for the indoor swimming pool, warm water for living and add energy toward the heating system of the house (pellet boiler/ generator).

All rain water from roof surfaces and terrain (drainage pipes are hidden in the terrain terraces) are being collected and used for watering the garden. Drip irrigation system uses the sublimate water from the sewage wastewater treatment system.
The building is covered with very high quality insulation materials, window and door systems and all this makes the house self-dependent and sustainable in time.