Eco Urban House Alexandrina

Site area = 457mp
Built area = 845mp
The selection of the site for the future dwelling was determined by the proximity to Herastrau Park, which also determined the small size of the lot which is surrounded by undesirable neighboring areas. A direct consequence of these conditions was the vertical development of the spaces (ground floor garage, first floor living quarters, second floor for sleeping area and the third floor for relaxation terrace/ spa to make up for the small and shady yard from the yard level).
Although the location is in a strongly established site, with relatively small lot as far the beneficiary’s needs, the efficient use of the volumes (set-backs and terraces on every level) creates naturally lit green spaces along the height of the building. This result also obtained also by half level sections of the house, which creates an unified interior space, spectacular, dynamic, fluid, interactive with great flow and traffic between levels.
As far as the outside is concerned, the facade of the building follows the South-
Eastern light, while the street alignment is sustained by the metal structure coated balconies which are covered by live vegetation.
The third floor set back was meant not to interfere with the street height limit.

The volumetric cut on the Southern face has multiple purpose: avoids placing the windows directly against the next door building; provides Eastern natural light for the rooms located in the back of the building; provides Western light for the first and second floors; create an additional living terrace over the first floor
The staircase and the elevator are places in a central location with glass walls and glass railing and they form a natural ventilation tower by allowing air flow from the lower floors to the top terrace exit, as well as lateral light going along the height of the house.
The project development was based on two distinct directions, which because of the interconnected results were constantly intertwined. The PASSIVE architecture elements, (which lowers initial construction and) and PROACTIVE SYSTEMS elements.

The passive architecture elements are directly connected with the site plan, which was meant to follow the cardinal point (sunny element,) by the neighboring areas, the view towards Herastrau Park. We paid special attention to the following elements: providing some share for the sun exposed areas; the use of ivy on stainless steel net, which has high level of solar protection; thermal protection -16cm rock wool exterior insulation; natural light and ventilation. The following active systems have been integrated: heat pump (with gas boiler backup,) floor baseboard radiation heating, wall and ceiling radiation heating and cooling, fresh air ventilation with heat exchanger, solar panels, spa area dehumidifier, electric generator (especially for the heat pump but also for lighting,) highly efficient LED solutions, B.M.S. (Building Management System) central control for the entire system.