Les Bains des Docks Aquatic Complex

The aquatic centre – whose entrance on the Quai de la Réunion faces the future Centre de la Mer – is a key project in the master plan to regenerate the historic Le Havre docklands. From the exterior, the building appears as a dense volume with random openings allowing views into the light-filled interior, which is composed of a series of filtered spaces that progressively form the sequence of passage. The internal spaces seem to have been cut out of massive blocks, articulated by the ceiling’s skylights and series of pools of different sizes and shapes.

A heated Olympic-sized pool is located on the exterior and in the summer, the facades can be opened so that there is continuity between the interior and exterior. Except for the children’s area, which is composed of brightly-coloured foam elements, the surfaces are faced with white mosaic tiles that along with the water cast reflections throughout, creating a constant play of light and shadow.