Bergisel Ski Jump

In December 1999 Zaha Hadid Architects won an international competition for a new ski jump on the Bergisel Mountain in Innsbruck. The new structure opened in 2002.
Situated on the Bergisel Mountain overlooking downtown Innsbruck, the ski jump is a major landmark. It is part of a larger refurbishment project for the Olympic Arena, and replaces the old ski jump, which no longer met with international standards.
The building is a hybrid of highly specialised sports facilities and public spaces, such as a café and a viewing terrace. These different programmes are combined into a single new shape that extends the topography of the slope into the sky. At a length of about 90 m and a height of almost 50 m, the building is a combination of a tower and a bridge. Structurally it is divided into the vertical concrete tower and a spatial green structure, which integrates the ramp and the café.
Two elevators bring visitors to the café 40 m over the peak of the Bergisel Mountain. From here they may enjoy the surrounding alpine landscape as well as watch the athletes below as they fly above the Innsbruck skyline.