Kastrup Sea Bath

Reaching out into the Øresund from the Kastrup Strand Park, the sea bath forms a living and integral part of the new maritime front. The project consists of a main building on the water, the new beach and a joining service building with lavatories and a handicap changing room.
Conceived as a sculptural dynamic form which can be seen from the beach, the sea and the air; the silhouette of the bath gradually changes as the beholder moves around it. While the interior of the circular shape provides shelter from the winds and concentrates the sun, it opens up towards the landside to connect to the beach and invites the visitor inside. A continuous bench runs along a wooden pier, thus creating an additional rest and leisure area.
An important part of the concept is that the bath is free of admission charge and open to the public at all times. It has been designed to be a rather untraditional framework for sports activities: there is room for a peaceful evening swim as well as serious exercise and play. Ramps and other special features and facilities allow the less mobile members of the population full access.
The bath stands on slender legs about a metre above the water and the load bearing constructions are exposed on the exterior. The principal material for the building is Azobé wood, chosen for its durability in seawater.
The purpose of the lighting, besides being functional and securing the safety of the visitor, is to offer a dramatic experience of the place at night and during the long dark off-season. Designed to emphasise the sculptural architectural design, the most important lighting element is the series of large upward-facing lights that illuminate the interior side of the semicircular wall.