Sant Erasmo Water Filtration Plant

Sant’Erasmo is an island in the Venice lagoon where traces of historical fortifications still mark the landscape. The water filtration forms part of the urban and environmental programme to upgrade the island’s infrastructure. A careful study of the purification process allowed for most of the plant to be buried underground and only the parts dedicated to maintenance and the removal of residual dusts needed to be constructed on the surface.

Much like the island’s massive historical remains, four one-meter thick parallel walls built in red-coloured reinforced concrete mark the place. The spaces between the walls are closed by full-height louvred Iroko panels that provide ventilation and which can be opened to unload the dust. Although the building itself is off limits, by liberating the surface area a new public green space has been created – punctuated by the underground area’s roof openings – and joins together with the existing park.