Integrated train and tram stop Wroclaw - Maslice

Making the architecture in Wroclaw typically involves filling the gaps in the extremely rich surround tissue of the city. This is the typical context. This time the context were: the inconspicuous roads intersection with unusual geometry and ... thicket armpit . A nightmare of every local architect. The actual context: a new Municipal Stadium and a multi-level road junction, had yet to occur in parallel with our skim.
Functional program was very clear, and unwittingly provoked us to braver formal search. We worked almost exclusively on cardboard and plasticine models, searching for the proper expression to better define the emerging space from scratch. The final concept selection was made by the decisions: to unbalance the roof, streams operate under the human and the need for a smooth, intuitive redirection people to the esplanade of the stadium. Nonparallel, intersecting lines, of which a lump, had its genesis in multiplied directions of roads, railroads, tram, but also pedestrians and cyclists. Thus formed solid object, was counterbalanced within smooth curves of the stadium and its surroundings. Dressed in raw whole, slightly brutal, completed in the word concrete elements made of galvanized steel, adding to the aesthetics of the resulting context of the stadium in the meantime messy roads.
Great ‘rolling lizard’, ‘concrete origami’ and ‘kite’ - the names we have used in our practice, reveal that this time we broke all our rules, and thought basically throughout the form. But everyone, somewhere in the deep, probably has or had the atavistic need to release the kite. Our, this time is made of concrete.
site area=23 968 m2
general dimentions of concrete structure: length=165m, width=35 m, heigh=15m