Cultural and tourist complex of the Terra Panonica Company

Mokrin is a settlement in the municipality Kikinda, in Vojvodina region. These types of villages are characterized by regular communication infrastructure, organization of buildings on the plots and typology of buildings.
The concept of Terra Panonica estate is to interpret the ambient in a contemporary way, in order to give new meaning to the term village estate. It is planned to consist of four houses of which two have been completed until now, House B and House A.
With its program Terra Panonica focuses on cultural projects, design, education, agriculture and social development.
site area: 3500m2
House B is located in the location of the former old family house from the year 1878, which was not preserved due to its ruinous condition.
It provides space for creative work of all kinds. Its purpose is the reason why it is interpreted in a contemporary way, both in form and materialization. The relation towards its heritage has been preserved through the geometry and its structure remains unchanged. It is opposing its context, but also relying on it.

building area: 250m2
construction: steel frames
facade and roof material: cement composite panels (swisspearl)
- made of mineral raw materials, water and air.
- the process to fully recycle the products in cement plants has been successfully tested. - the grey energy used per m2 façade of the complete product cycle is only 125 MJ.

House A is a reconstructed family house from the year 1925, completed as a guest house with apartments and communal spaces for relaxation and socialization.
House A represents a response to the issues of the contemporary environments in regards to the continuity of tradition, proving that being contemporary doesn’t necessarily mean being in conflict with local heritage and accumulated experience.
building area: 560m2
building material: local recycled building material