Rabot Youth Centre

The programme consists in the cohabitation of three youth organisations, providing separate facilities for each as well as a shared multifunctional hall that is also available for public use.

Located in Rabot Park, the centre is inserted into an active zone with sports facilities and joins a plaza that accesses a tram/cyclists bridge. Concrete paving leads to the clubs’ entrances situated in three pavilions containing offices and stairways to the activities rooms below. Sunken outdoor patios adjoin each of these rooms, which along with skylights, provide abundant sunlight and ventilation. A fourth translucent volume containing an elevator accompanies the main stairway, providing access for public events.

By minimising interventions on the surface level, the project offers an outdoor play area on top of the centre and preserves the continuity of the park. While extending over the sunken centre, the park is transformed into a green roof that acts as an acoustical and thermal buffer for the spaces below.