CCCB- Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona

The CCCB is the result of the partial rehabilitation of the architectural ensemble of the Provincial House of Charity, a former charitable establishment intended for the hospice, created in 1802 and which functioned as such until 1957.

The project adapted the original structure that surrounds the large central courtyard, known as the Women's Courtyard, structured in three five-storey-high wings arranged forming a U shape. The new building replaces the north wing with a prismatic 30-metre-high body that creates a spectacular glazed façade that in its highest part leans over the patio. This new element becomes, with its play of reflections, a mirror of the landscape and a privileged vantage point over the city, and at the same time functions as a transit area (lobbies, elevators, stairs).

The exterior façade of Carrer de Montalegre and the three interior façades of the courtyard were restored, and the decoration of sgraffitos and majolica applications corresponding to the noucentista style remodeling carried out between 1926 and 1929 was recovered. As for the characteristic structural elements of the original work, the brick vaults, the large arcades and the exposed stone ashlar pillars have also been preserved. The new building has a total of 15,000 m2 of which 4,000 m2 are intended for exhibition rooms. The current facilities also have three classrooms, an auditorium and multipurpose spaces such as the lobby, the Women's Courtyard or the Sala Mirador.