Gallery for a Private Collection of Contemporary Art

The gallery is a free-standing volume situated within a park-line garden of bridges and conifers and between the street and the house from 1960’s. Thus the building can be used both as a public as well as a purely private gallery; a role that is to be settled in the future. The building`s architectural conception corresponds to the character of the works that the collector has brought together over the last 30 years, embracing the art of the 1960’s to today: Nauman, Rayman, Twombly, Kounellis, Federle, Ruckriem and others. A timber configuration rests on a reinforced-concrete base of the same dimension, that is half-buried so that only its upper glazed perimeter is visible from the outside. A similar matt glass strip surrounds the timber volume ot the uppermost section, admitting diffuse glare-free daylight from a height of a 4m. into the exhibition spaces. The walls within the exhibition spaces are between 4 to 5.5m. high.
Two reinforced-concrete tubes are set laterally between the lower and the upper galleries. The large of the two serves as the office and reception. Depending on the daylight conditions and the point of view of the observer, the gallery appears either as a closed, flush volume consisting of related material (birch plywood, matt glass, untreated aluminum) or as a wooden box that resting on two trowels, has come to rest in the garden.