Exit station of the Pustevny cableway

The exit terminal of the Pustevny cableway is a starting point for walks and hikes along the mountain range, leading to many popular tourist destinations. We continue to be involved in the design and landscaping of the surrounding public space that we believe will enhance the renewal of this iconic location.

The upper exit terminal of the Pustevny cableway has a shared history with Pustevny. The first chairlift in Europe was built in 1940 in Czechoslovakia, from Ráztoka, at 620 m, to Pustevny, at 1,020 m. In the 1980s the cableway itself was moved out of the original building. We have work on the building’s re-design since 2014, taking into account the language and elements of contemporary architecture, aiming to maximally showcase the building’s location. While at the same time complying with all environmental protection requirements, and respecting the nearby famous monuments of Libušín and Maměnka, designed by Dušan Jurkovič in the late 19th century.

A building’s layout reflects its purpose. Visitors arriving at the terminal follow on along a steel walkway through the building, with access to information centres, souvenir shops and an open-plan restaurant with panoramic views. The technical plant room is in the basement.

The lower floor is of concrete, externally clad with stone, and a concrete ceiling. The restaurant above is marked out by timber-framed, glazed walls beneath roof trusses of glued laminated timber and an aluminium roof. Wood and stone are materials traditionally used in this area.