Londra Housing

A city that comes in the house and a house that lives in a city.

The building is inserted as a stone volume in an historical neighbourhood which character is emphasized by the massiveness of the old housing buildings from 50's and 60's plottting .

The building occupies one of the few remaining lots in an old neighborhood of historical and architectural value in the central area of Bucharest. The space-structure gives the urban presence of the proposed building a weight that counterbalances the extent of the glazed surfaces, while the retraction of the central span and the asymmetry of the cornice are aimed at dividing the house into two volumes closer to the neighboring scale.
The side spans are intended for dwelling and the narrower central one accommodates the stairway. The 7 apartments benefit from beautiful urban panoramas, which become part of the interior, while the dwelling leaves the street see through wide windows, enriching the urban experience. Glass acts as a filter between the public and the private, through which content and contender continually change their roles, enriching each other.

The house structure is dematerialized vertically - the floors are gradually withdrawn and the windows are enlarged, the lateral structural walls being perforated to the limit of resistance. Gravitational force is transmitted in a continuous structural system, and the facade expresses this structural logic through the stereotomy of stone.