Town Hall

The new Town Hall building arises in Konstancin- Jeziorna north suburbs chaotic area. It is situated far from the most attractive southern part of the city. Public building that important gives opportunity to change Konstancin geography with this location. Town Hall building stands out from the surrounding on purpose.

The new town hall was erected in a chaotic surrounding. It is located far from the most attractive part of the town, on a northern fringe of Konstancin-Jeziorna. Placing such public building in this location is a tool for improving the urban layout of the city.
The building is constructed around two courtyard spaces- an entrance atrium and an internal atrium for the offices. Architecture takes different forms to show two characters – a representative and official.
Konstancin-Jeziorna is usually associated with a resort town and wooden graduation towers, the building has a brick facade. Ceramic brick was a material used in the region for administration buildings. Geometrical pattern was inspired by ventilation details in Mazovian farmhouses.

Public investment can be more than good architecture. It can be a catalyst of urban change. This is the role of the new town hall. Situated far from the most attractive part of the city. Town hall has a chance to accelerate the transformation of the underused space and turn it into a city.

concrete, brick, natural wood (oak), terazzo