Saint Jacques de la Lande Church

Construction of a Church located in lot 5 of the ZAC de La Morinais

The program is distributed into two levels created from the superposition of a cylinder with 14,75m exterior diameter (second floor) onto a 16x16m square (first floor) with a total height of 12,4m.
A small basement (with 129,4m2 gross area) holds the technical zones and storage. The Parochial Center and the Church respectively occupies the ground-floor (248,3m2 gross area) and the first-floor (298,1m2 gross area).
The central Church space, with 140,6m2, has an occupation capacity of 136 seated places and allows the access of handicapped people. The side chapel to the south contains the baptismal vase (Baptistery), the semi-circular apse (Chapel A) holds the Virgin Mary image and the tabernacle and the side chapel to the north (Chapel B) welcomes the Cross of Christ.
An elevated platform comprises the A and B chapel areas and the base of the Altar and the pulpit. The diagonal axe of the assembly, from the main staircase towards the Cross, defines the altar positioning.
The sacristy (11,4m2 net area), of private access, is located on an above floor in the volume that holds the elevator and the closed staircase.
Above the cylindrical church space a square platform lies suspended, controlling the natural light entering through a large skydome and containing lighting and ventilation equipment. The square panel sides are parallel to the previously mentioned assembly axe. The church lighting is, by so, superior and indirect, by reflection on the ceiling and on the cylindrical wall.
Over the Virgin image (Chapel A) and over the baptismal vase (Baptistery) it is foreseen two small lighting skydomes.
A west sided glassed frame brings light into Chapel B.

-The church is an isolated building, a self-standing piece in dialogue with its context.
From this core detach two volumes of rectangular plan, to the west, framing the entrance hall that gives access to the Parochial Center and the Church and reaching the total height.
It detaches also, to the east, two identical square plan volumes and a half cylinder in console with the height of the superior floor.
The connection between both floors is guaranteed by two staircases with two flights each, one of them closed, and an elevator.

-The church is built with load bearing concrete walls, colored white, thermically isolated on the interior side. It is visible on the facades the formwork panels stereotomy, used for its construction.
The Church and Parochial Center inside pavements are in marble. The walls, properly finished and painted, have marble coverings to the height of 150cm, with the exception of the sanitary (with marble till 220cm height) and the sacristy, with marble covering to the height of 118cm.
The curbed church space has a «staff» wall covering with 150cm high.
In the basement pavements have an epoxy finish and the walls are painted, presenting painted wood foot panels with 12cm high.
The exterior frames are built in massive wood and painted white with the exception of the main-entrance frame, the only one kept natural and varnished.