Housing Maximilianstraße

Housing Maximilianstraße / St. Pölten / Austria

In the outskirts of St. Pölten, a medium sized regional austrian town, four north-south facing buildings with a length of 75 m and a width of 16.2 m are positioned along the adjacent streets like ships in a habour. The block on the west has an addition with half length and positioned free. Basis for the planning is a building system developed by ARTEC Architekten, WUP_wimmerundpartner and raum und kommunikation with the special experts.

A hall for living with ceiling heights of 2.80 m and an access and balcony zone with 2.8 m width is inserted in a prefabricated primary structure of horizontal floor decks - reinforced concrete columns and a filigree ceiling system. The circulation system is conceived of as part of a vertical urban landscape that leaves ample room in front of the compact apartments’ doors, and thanks to the balcony zones, creates space in front of the facades, as well. The fire-resistant concrete floor decks make possible a ventilated facade in prefabricated wood-rail construction.

Between the prefabricated primary construction of fire-resistant decks prefabricated components (wooden panel construction and lightweight concrete installation shafts) are inserted. The wall structure inside of that thermal shell can be altered easy. Various forms of housing, business-, office-, or commercial space can be filled in here.