Museum for Modern Art

The new Museum of Modern Art forms part of Bonn’s “Museum Mile”, along with the Koning Museum, the House History and the Federal Art Gallery. This group of museum buildings draws the urban character of Bonn out towards the Bad Godesberg so that the traffic arteries of the B9 Road become a beautiful boulevard befitting the city.
The division of labour of the quadrant of triangles which make up museum is as simple as it is effective. The large diagonal links the main axis –the compact museum part- with collection, storerooms and workshops via the central staircase to the second triangle with the freely disposed entrances, foyer, information desk, cafeteria, offices, etc.
The plan organization of the exhibition spaces accepts the needs of the exhibitor and visitor, contradictory through they are:

-The demand for reliable, continuous circuit to follow and the possibility to meander at will through the rooms which are linked into the network.
- The demand for transparency, for a certain instinctive orientation, and for the hermetic roo-for-room structure which the pictures, sculptures and installations need.
- The demand for different sizes of rooms with different proportions within the structural order of the museum’s continuous ‘naves’ of 8.5m. and 12,7m.
- The demand for self-contained, uniform, spatially autonomous areas for the possibility of linking the together without difficulty and incorporatying them into other spaces should the need arise.