Mount Chapel

The “Capela do Monte” is a private Christian chapel on a private hill.

It is a small gathering space and meditation for limited and private use, essentially during the day. The building is of rectangular plan with the dimensions of 10,34m by 6,34m and height of 6,48m.

-The inspiration for the chapel was the surrounding countryside and its position on the top of the hillside and the advantages of mild climate of the Algarve.
The chapel is well integrated into the surrounding dry and natural landscape the use of natural ventilation systems as well as the absence of electricity and water define the building’s concept.
Some features of the chapel:
- tile panels representing scenes of Jesus life;
- wood cross with 2,30m;
- wood benchs
- wood chairs
- wood altar table

-The chapel was built with 29cm thermal brick walls and the roof has a lightened concrete slab.
Whitewashed plaster on interior and exterior walls;
marble flooring;
wood frames painted;
roof top with thermal insulation and finished with vegetal soil;
Churchyard paved with limestone slabs.
The building is located in the area covered by the Lagos Municipal Master Plan; it was demolished a small warehouse next to the chapel.