Private House in Kratigos

The project is defined by its contemporary character while successfully mediating the polarities of the artificial and the natural, of the exterior and the interior, of the vernacular and the contemporary.

The house lies on a hill in Kratigos Mytilene with panoramic views to the Aegean Sea and the lush vegetation of the adjascent downhill slope.The design takes into consideration and uses to its advantage the orientation of the plot as well as the terrain formations, allowing the residence to open up fully towards the blue view of the seafront and the green view of the slope while the introvert northwest elevation plays with the element of surprise and ensures the privacy of the residence.Dynamic geometric lines and contemporary design principles intertwine to deliver the end design for both the building and its landscape. The clean form of the raw concrete volume is in a constant dialogue with the dynamic geometry and alternates with the large glass surfaces that disappear behind walls and equate the interior with the exterior while creating stunning frames of the view towards the sea and the lush vegetation of the landscape.
The two main lines of the west and south boundaries intersect and define the triangular shape of the plan that opens up to the east view of the Aegean Sea. The extension of these two primary lines into the landscape defines the formation of the exterior space and its access while highlighting the dynamics of the design as well as those of the landscape.The house unfolds on three floors, adapting to the sharp slope of the plot.The main entrance level of the open living room / kitchen opens up towards the view and the outdoor platform of the terrace, where the pool is the dominant element.

The clean, concrete northwest wall extends to the boundary of the property, supporting the concrete pergola and protecting the terrace from the northwest winds. In the interior of the house, a triangular atrium allows the natural light from the skylights to penetrate the lowest level of the house, where 4 master guest bedrooms share a central living room. Three of the guest rooms lie right below the swimming pool and open up completely towards the Aegean view. The interior staircase connecting all levels of the house, unfolds freely like a ribbon into the atrium and against the rigid boundary of the northwest wall, which deconstructs gradually towards the upper levels and is eventually replaced by a huge glass opening. Adjustable aluminum louvres allow the sunlight to penetrate at different angles while mirroring the colors of the landscape. On the highest level of the house, the masterbedroom opens up towards the stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the lush vegetation of the opposite slope, creating a floating sensation while inside the room.

The orientation of the house, the significant thermal mass of the thermally insulated concrete elements, the vertical shading elements of the west elevation, the horizontal shading elements of the east elevation and the ability to naturally cross ventilate all levels, give a bioclimatic character to the architectural design of the house. Elements of vernacular architecture, such as the load bearing stone walls of the landscape and the local flora, which is fully restored, blend with the clean minimalistic lines of the house adding harmony and balance to the constant dialogue of the artificial with the natural, of the exterior with the interior, of the vernacular with the contemporary, a dialogue that defines the sustainable character of the architectural design.