MUMUTH Music Theatre

The building for the faculty of Music and Performing Arts at the University of Graz (MUMUTH) is structured to combine a unit-based volume: the black box of the theatre; and a series of movement-based volumes: foyer and public circulation. The adaptable multipurpose auditorium can seat up to 450. The free-flowing space of the foyer is made possible by a spiralling constructive element that connects the entrance to the auditorium and to the music rooms above, thus welding together ‘with a twist’ the three levels of this side of the building. This twist forms a 3D interpretation of the repetitive pattern – executed in the muted tones of stage make-up – that is silk-screened onto the inner glass facades, which are in turn enveloped by a glittering mesh. This pattern is also employed on the acoustic panels in the theatre space, which were especially developed to meet the specific acoustical requirements of the widely varied musical styles performed in the building.