Housing and Office Building in Block 32

Located in the new part of the city, close to some of the best examples of Serbian Modern architecture, as a continuation of the modernist tradition, this structure contributes new and enlivening qualities to modern urban surroundings, enhancing an atmosphere of motion, dynamism and renewal.

The general concept of the New Belgrade blocks is considering the rules of modern urbanism and Athens charter. Block 32 is a reminiscence of the big-scale modernist mega-structures, which draws inspiration from and makes a contemporary addition to the grandiose structures of modern New Belgrade project, expanding since 1948. Typical architecture patterns in New Belgrade are open and half open mega blocks with macro and micro ambiences filled with appropriate following contents and with green zones characterised by good environmental qualities. Therefore, the new urban concept for the Block 32 is related to a given context and its principles.

Newly designed structure consists of three primary volumes connected to each other at the level of the ground and first floors. Primary volumes, and the relation to the existing Orthodox church, create a composition through the principles of repetition and rhythm. Outer space is gradually being brought into the house. This theme was used as a main principle of building design and its facade - inner and outer.
This building block inspired by modernistic simplicity has a proportion lowered and extended by simple horizontal striped-like volume movements, and is upgraded by garden placements in the balcony extensions at the parapet barrier. In this manner, its architecture follows the simple-yet-efficient garden-block paradigm and addresses the issue of ethics-over-esthetics in architecture and urban planning.

The supporting structure of the building has been executed in reinforced concrete. The building envelope consists of two materials. White horizontal strips are made of ceramic panels, while dark horizontal strips are made of glass.