Płocka, Młynów and Księcia Janusza Line Metro Stations

Architectural project for the three metro stations Płocka, Młynów and Księcia Janusza of the second metro line at Wola district in Warsaw focuses on showing a clear connection between designed stations and the context of the surroundings.
The context of the place gave a separate, unique character to each of the stations.

The general principle that accompanied the creation was to combine the history and tradition of the place. Architecture Here and Now
Księcia Janusza Station is located near former Gardens of Ulrich, established in 1805 . The geometry of pillars and the ceiling is a synthetic paraphrase of a trees lane viewed from the level of a walking person.
Młynów Station is located close to open pools and ponds of Moczydło Park .
Mainly inspiration of the design of the station were two natural elements: water and air. Deep blue color creates the impression of virtually endless space of
the underwater world in which air bubbles are visible in the form of light circles.
Płocka Station is located in the immediate vicinity of an industrial district and former Kasprzaka plants.The geometry and graphic of electronic components such us resistors and integrated circuits became a leit-motif of the design.

Księcia Janusza
The idea behind the creation of the underground station Ks. Janusza is an attempt to recall the atmosphere of the nearby garden plant of the Ulrichs. Green color is a reference to living green and the geometric forms combine the tree-like shapes with glass greenhouse of the pre-war years. The passenger wandering along the platform and looking at the ceiling have the impression that the sunlight penetrates the dense arrangement of trees and branches above him.

The theme is the water, the air and mutual reactions.
We presents on the ceiling an analogy to wandering air bubbles under the surface of ice. It is analogical to the ponds in the park and swimming pools in Water Park Moczydło.The leading colors of the station are blue, navy blue and white.

The main idea was to present the industrial nature by analogy to the electronic devices and integrated circuits produced in the Kasprzak Radio Plant. Passengers will easily understand the station and its location.
Our suggestion is to give architectural expression of individual stations - the effect is achieved, through the formation of structural system – plate and longitudinal and transverse beams.

Księcia Janusza
Continuing the idea of guiding the passengers of underground around Warsaw, the green color is suggested as the leading one. The ceiling over the platform has tree-like geometric forms thus playing with the user/ passenger who will be trying to guess the ultimate art form of the suspended ceiling. Ceiling designs are made of metal sheet panels . Walls - concrete with an architectural division.
The ceiling made of Knauf panels over the platform produces a fusion band gallery of water and air stretched between the heads.
Walls - Equitone panels finished smooth in blue.
The design is an analogy to electronic equipment through a graphical patterns of integrated circuits in the ceiling over the platform in the form of glass panels with added graphic chips and mixed with cooper mesh panels.
The system of structure beams stresses the geometrization of the platforms
Walls are finished with copper sheet in five various shades, which emphasizes the idea of electronic integrated circuits.

Floors - terrazzo tiles made from high-quality abrasion-resistant.
All divisions of walls has a graphical equivalent to the division of the suspended ceiling.