Victor Jara Cultural Centre

The cultural centre is located in the middle of the historical centre of Soignies, which is a city located 50 km from Brussels.

The city is strongly attached to its folkloric traditions and the project goes beyond the original brief of a multipurpose performing arts hall by providing the space for the celebration of vibrant outdoor events such as carnival and other street festivals. In doing so, the project avoids the logic of the closed box and proposes a very urban interpretation of the concept of theatre. Thus, the building was designed as an extension of the public space that surrounds it, penetrating into the interior through numerous entrances around the building.

Although the site was a total size of 2,900 m², the footprint of the building was limited to 1,300 m² in order to accommodate a new square on the east side, which appears as an outside foyer and becomes part of the medieval tissue of streets, lanes and squares.