Kalida Sant Pau

When a person is diagnosed with a cancer, it can feel like a punch in the stomach. Kálida will be there to help and support you, a warm and welcoming place that is a refuge from the stress of the Hospital offering a programme of evidence based support which strengthens physical and emotional wellbeing.

The design is of a garden pavilion in which the boundaries between interior and exterior space are blurred. Kálida will be on a site positioned between Hospital Sant Pau and the modernista Heritage site. The 400 m2 building is arranged on two levels with an extensive garden area. The lower floor will be an open and flexible space, conceived as a sequence of gardens and patios. The kitchen area is the welcoming heart of the building, in addition there is a library and a large multipurpose room. From the Oncology Department of the Hospital, there will be a paved area leading to the main entrance of Kálida.


The building façades is a brick wall with glazed ceramic insertions, put together in a variable composition of colours and textures. Together with the wooden blinds, the ceramic latticework allow the views of the environment and protect the privacy of inner spaces. Wooden details and carpentry in windows and the big pergola outside are inspired by the greenery shapes existing in the garden.