Castle Outbuilding

A new museum and music school in the renovated castle outbuilding in Ormo.

The Ormož castle with its outbuilding lies on a hill overlooking the curve of the river Drava. Its service castle outbuilding forms a curved shape protected place, where the main axis of the town square ends. The existing state of the castle outbuildings was quite ruined, only the basement spaces which were vaulted were preserved mostly in their original state.

We decided to keep all the valuable existing spaces and add a new roof which connects also some interventions at the basement. All the interventions are done in brick, which is the original material of the place, using the similar tradition as simple farm houses in the neighbourghood. Interior of the whole longitudinal complex is divided for the two main programs, the music school and the museum. The new entrance portico connects both new entrances to the building. In the music school there is the main hall in the basement, with a rehearsal hall and the offices. In the first floor there are all the lecture rooms and a dancing room in the attic. The corridor in the first floor is shaped following the acustic regulations of the rooms becoming spatial not longitudinal.

In the museum the space concept is the path leading from one different space to the other. The path through the spaces enables the visitor to choose its own way throug the intertor and allows a certain freedom for the use of the building.
The arched hall is used for the events of the both programmes and for the community.
The outdoor space is formed as a square allowing the comunity to organize all kind of events becoming another public place in town.