Istanbul Water Civilisation Museum - Terkos Pump Station

Primary objective of the project is to create an exhibition space for Istanbul Water Civilizations Museum, where existing buildings of Terkos Pumping Station are also part of the collection. Terkos water distribution system is the first modern component of urban infrastructure network. Buildings of initial complex where completed by French expatriates in 1883. The capacity was enlarged through time in parallel to urban growth. Consequently, architecture of the complex is quite eclectic in nature. Following the construction of the new pumping station in 1975, the operation of the station was terminated. With its unusual rare engines and preservation potential; the complex now functions as one of the campuses of Istanbul Water Civilizations Museum. The submitted project involves restoration of the existing buildings of the pumping station and design of contemporary annexes to support the exhibition program intended for ISKI “Istanbul Water Civilization Museum”. Rehabilitation of the grounds to enable open air public space for a variety of recreational functions is also included in the content of the project.

The complex is located in the vicinity of Terkos Lake. Flora and fauna of the surrounding area is quite unique in variety, hence it becomes essential to sustain the natural environment through landscape design. The idea is to create a sense of being in-between through large scale openings to the landscape and to attain a flawless integration with the environment. Due to eclectic architectural nature of the complex, it is essential to accentuate new extensions through use of contemporary materials and systems. New additions are designed in a way to attain a sense of lightness and transparency. Also; selected materials, copper, glass and wood; should reflect the raison d’étre of the complex and its technological nature. The site is about 12.5 acres and total area of the buildings amount to 5000 m2.