The project consists of a steel frame and reclaimed bricks facade roof extension for a single-family house located in a dense suburban neighborhood in the south of Paris. The particularity of this project is that the client, who is a mason, self-built most of it.

The project takes place in a densely populated area within a densely built suburban area, at the crossroad between large collective housing complexes, single-family homes, and facilities in the south of Paris. It aims to challenge the qualities of the family-housing scheme without expanding land artificialization. The additional structure on top of the existing house creates new living spaces and a true extension of the outdoor areas with a terrace offering 360° views.
The choice of a lightweight metal structure allows to extend the existing house without degrading its structural features. During the project's development and based on discussions with the client, material choices were made which aimed at ease of implementation and their availability in the recycling industry to reduce the project's environmental impact.

The project explores the possibilities of expanding this family's residence without compromising the residential qualities of individual housing.
The construction adds an entire new level to accommodate bedrooms for the clients’ children. Constructive solutions allow us to find wide openings to fill the interiors with natural light and natural ventilation. This extension also creates a rooftop terrace that not only offers an outside area as big as the ground-floor garden, but also provides views over the rooftops of the city.
Facade materials are let raw and contrast the typical beige coating used for family-houses at the end of the 20th century in France. With its distinctive architecture, this extension fits seamlessly into the ongoing development of the suburban fabric of Paris, characterized by its eclectic nature, which is one of its primary qualities. The project adds a new architectural timeframe in the area.

The choice of a lightweight metal structure relying on the existing load-bearing points of the house offered the opportunity to create a new level as big as the existing ones underneath without reinforcing the existing foundations. Also, walls are made with local reclaimed bricks. The limited access from main road also pushed for a prefabricated structure made of small elements that were brought on site through the narrow private street that leads to the house.
Since the house is built on the property limit on the south side, the voids of the structure are made entirely of glass blocks that bring light inside the extension while keeping privacy towards the neighborhood. On the north side, large glass windows are giving the bedrooms a soft brightness and an opened view over the suburbs.
The architectural and constructive characteristics of the extension complement the existing house without artificializing the land. It allows it to benefit from natural light all year round, improves its insulation and eases its natural ventilation.