Bookstore Selexyz Dominicanen Maastricht

The client is a large Dutch bookseller with stores in most major cities on key locations, often in remarkable buildings. In Maastricht, the site for the intervention was the earliest Gothic Church in the Netherlands, a pure and powerful space with remnants of important frescos. In response to the briefs’ requirement of the development of more than twice the available surface, the design solution was based on the organisation of the extra space on two floors, positioned asymmetrically as a giant steel ‘bookcase’ in order to maintain the main sight lines in the nave.

Never touching the church, the construction – which uses perforated steel sheets where possible to increase its transparency and incorporates the lighting system – folds itself alongside the columns, with stairways inside and cantilevered floors outside. The enlarged basement houses the installations and services. In this way, the project fulfils the programme and at the same time allows for experiencing the breathtaking space of this marvellous church.