La Rioja Technology Transfer Centre

Located on the outskirts of Logroño, the capital of the La Rioja region – known for its wine and agricultural products – the Centre is composed of a national education centre for IT training, a centre for IT research and development and an incubator for IT-related businesses. The design explores ways to make the building an integral part of the landscape by producing an environment where nature and technology are intrinsically connected. The classrooms and offices are organised along a corridor that also contains the public spaces and opens up to the gardens on one side. A series of ramps and terraces extend the interior spaces outside and provide solar protection for the fully glazed facades. The building’s roof forms a public promenade over the River Park, connected to the city on either side by bridges and its volume is surrounded by a green canopy that produces a shaded microclimate around the transparent volume: a glass box under a vineyard.