Public Municipal Library and Reading Park

Located on the suburban edge of Torre Pacheco, the project transforms the typical concept of a library as a hushed space for storing and consulting books into a dynamic multifunctional community centre. The entire site is folded into triangular shapes with the library inserted into the topography. Given that most of the U-shaped building is buried underground and its principal glazed facade faces south, natural thermal protection is provided in both summer and winter. From above, the park extending over the library reads like a huge collage with differentiated zones for diverse public activities. In addition to the usual library functions, the building also contains zones for a wide range of different uses including lecture halls and meeting spaces, a media room, a children’s area and at each end, there are spaces with separate accesses: a gallery and a 24-hour area. Colour is introduced into the mainly concrete interior with green, blue and orange glass panels, diverse furniture elements and the lighting fixtures.