School of Architecture

A radical reinterpretation of a typical academic programme resulted in the design of an architecture school that is open to the city in a building that is open to future adaptations.
Situated on the Île de Nantes, across from the city centre, the compact and flexible structure composed of three concrete decks generates large volumes whose heights are partially subdivided by lightweight steel mezzanines, leaving 5,500 m² of double-height space free for new uses.

The mezzanines’ polycarbonate facades create protected intermediate climates that together with the natural ventilation provided by the large sliding glass doors and balconies are the basis of the low-tech energy strategy. While the library and studios are located on the first and second floors, the model workshop and parking are located on the ground floor along with the auditorium, café and gallery, which are open to the public. An exterior ramp accesses the floors and connects the street with the rooftop terrace, a new urban space with panoramic views over Nantes.