Public State Library

A library that naturally fits in the residential and commercial neighbourhood where it is located, with its two volumes of different height and the entrance that connects both of them and the public space in front.

The library is a place where the pleasure of reading is transmitted between people and its reading spaces are bright and pleasant. There is a variety of spaces depending on the users: children, university students, researchers... and how the use of the space itself is done by people: study, reading or enjoying the place.

Orientation and materials are essential to create these spaces as well as the speciall designed furniture, as well as the integration of vegetation, even below street level, in the reading rooms themselves.


Calatorao stone, plywood panels and stuco confer chromatic, texture and tactile variety to a building that, both in its façades and in its interiors, seems to always seek an affable relationship between the passer-by and the user of the installations.