Edition 2022

Extract from the Rules of the Prize


5. For the purpose of the selection of candidates, the following procedure will be followed:

5.1. The national architectural associations will be invited to propose works by their members built in their own countries as well as transnational commissions that comply with either of the following conditions:

5.1.1. Works by European authors (architects who are legally established in one of the particiapting countries as nationals or residents) from other countries built in the country of the architectural association.

5.1.2. Works by their own members constructed in other European countries.

The national architectural associations may submit a maximum of five (5) proposals, except for France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom and Ukraine, each of which may submit a maximum of seven (7) proposals.

5.2. The Fundació Mies van der Rohe, in consultation with the Advisory Committee, will establish a group of independent experts composed of a substantial number of prestigious specialists, each of whom should propose a maximum of five (5) works from any country within the framework of the Prize.

5.3. The Advisory Committee as a group will be invited to propose a list of approximately 20 (twenty) works from all countries within the framework of the Prize. The decision will be made by majority vote of the members of the Advisory Committee.

In their proposals, the architectural associations, independent experts and Advisory Committee should take into consideration works of a transnational nature, works by emerging architects and works that further research and implement ideas that contribute to the development of a sustainable architectural practice.

The nominators may not propose their own works or works by the Jury.

All proposals should be accompanied by comments about the work, and if possible, by documentation.

The definitive list of candidates submitted for consideration by the Jury will consist of the combined proposals of the national architectural associations, the group of independent experts and the Advisory Committee.